There’s no better way to learn about your pelvic floor than with a group of friends and with some wine! Pinot & Pelvic Floor workshops are full of education, awareness and lots of laughs (sometimes tears) hosted by a group or organization.


Gopi tailors each worshop based on the group and discusses anatomy, physiology, function and dysfunction as well as describes the process of healing and recovery. She uses anatomical models, drawings and props to facilitate understanding of normal vs. dysfunction body mechanics.


Topics may include:
Pain with Intercourse (Dyspareunia)
Abdominal Seperation (Diastasis Recti)
Pelvic Pain
Bowel/ Bladder Dysfunction
Pregnancy related dysfunction
Postpartum Care
Nursing Topics
and more!


Email me about hosting a Pinot & Pelvic Floor Worshop!


Gopi is licensed and provides in-home visits as well as in-office in Fairfax, Virginia. She would love to chat and see if she can provide her services.